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Animals & Wildlife

Birds (257) Butterflies & Insects (39) Cats (130) Deer (60) Dinosaurs (50) Dogs (97) Dolphins & Whales (114) Farm Animals (55) Fish & Marine Life (166) Forest Animals (181) Horses (247) Jungle and Safari Animals (208) Reptiles & Amphibians (29) Other Animals (56)


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1233 Murals


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1233 Murals

Animal and Wildlife Murals

If it's wildlife or animals you want in a wall mural, then Magic Murals is the place for you!

Lions and tigers and bears - Oh My! But don't forget about cheetahs and panthers, or even horses and dogs, and birds! Magic Murals has the very best wall murals to bring animals into your home or business.

For the animal lover, there's a wall mural for you. See the horses roaming the countryside, trotting along the beach, or making their way through a wintry snow. Fall in love with a wall mural of your favorite dog, whether you prefer a Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, or even St. Bernard! Or even see the birds flying high, soaring majestically in your own home! Magic Murals can make it happen.

Kids are sure to love the fun, decorative wall murals of wild animals at play. In addition to real, wild animals, Magic Murals has cartoon wallpaper murals that will be perfect for the fueling a child's imagination. There are plenty of farm animals, from swans and ducks swimming in lakes, to cows and sheep roaming on the farm. But there are also the wildest of animals – wolves in the winter, tigers crossing the jungle, giraffes crossing the savanna. Imagine the possibilities for wall murals in your home!

Even people who love the outdoors will find something that suits them. Picture a wall mural of turkeys, ducks, or geese adorning your wall. There's not much as majestic as an eagle soaring over the earth, and elk walking over the mountain, or a moose finding a drink of water. And deer – Magic Murals has some of the best deer wall murals anywhere! If you're looking for a wall mural for someone who loves hunting, this is the place!

You are certain to find the mural that best captures your animal instincts. Imagine yourself in a field of wildflowers surrounded by grazing horses, sitting high in the treetops with the great horned owl, or gazing up at swinging monkeys in the tropical rain forest. Maybe you prefer to jump like an Australian kangaroo, sing like a mocking bird, stand stoic like the buck horned deer, roar like a African lion, walk slow like a snail or swim like the hammerhead sharks. No matter your preference, Magic Murals delivers you the best selection of animal photography and artwork for your animal mural.

Whichever wild wall mural you choose, Magic Murals will provide you with the best high quality professional images at the lowest prices. Browse the library, or even upload one of your own images, and get started on a wall mural for your home or business! Installation is easy and ensures success with every new mural purchase. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Don't delay! Let Magic Murals bring the outdoors into your home today!