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About ColorMe! Murals

Put your very own stamp on your walls with our ColorMe! wall murals. Unlike other wallpaper murals, these murals allow you to personalize your space with colors you love. A perfect choice for kids' rooms, these murals spark creativity and allow your little ones to use their imagination to make their walls their own. Our wall murals brighten a child's room or play space in a way that no other type of wall decor can. If your children enjoy "paint by numbers" kits, these murals are an extension of the same idea, with one big difference. They will get to do it on a much larger scale on a surface they've always been prevented from writing or coloring on with no numbers to limit their imagination!

Our kid-friendly wall murals include themes ranging from fairy tales and friendly animals to nature scenes and buildings. Your kids are free to color these murals any way they like using colors of their choice! ColorMe! wall murals are a great way to unleash your child's creativity and free the inner artist in every child. Murals include but are not limited to underwater tropical fish, pirate ships, fairytale princesses and magical castles. They can use acrylic paints, crayons, or even colored pencils with the ColorMe! vinyl surface.

But wait, creativity is not the domain of children alone! We also offer ColorMe! wall murals for adults that allow you to explore your own inner artist, regardless of your age. More and more adults have taken to coloring as a creative outlet in recent years. The act of coloring is said to relieve stress, improve focus, enhance a sense of calm and stimulate both sides of the brain. Enjoy all the advantages associated with coloring, including the pure joy of adding color to a mural. A ColorMe! wall mural can help your walls reflect more of your taste and personality. From abstracts to nature, our collection features interesting murals that appeal to every taste, so, we invite you browse and choose the perfect mural for your room.

Each ColorMe! mural is custom produced on our QuikStik removable and repositionable, self-adhesive vinyl. ColorMe! wall murals are a wonderful family activity for parents with young kids, fun for any dorm room and perfect for any classroom setting. Be warned though that our Colorme! murals come with a side effect- hours of unlimited imagination and fun for everyone!