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School Murals
Karen G

"We renovated the studio for a Broadcast Arts magnet school in South Miami, FL. The install was super-easy--the middle school students even helped out! Thanks for such a great product!"
Magnet School

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School Wall Murals

Magic Murals are the ultimate way to bring school spirit and impactful learning to your school. Our custom murals are created according to your specifications and are installed with a simple peel and stick process. Contact us to see how Magic Murals can build a sense of community and instill pride at your school. And while you’re at it, see how you can bring lessons to life with educational murals of world maps, geography, local and global places of interest, historic events, and more. To shop our collection of School murals, click here.

School Logos and Mascots

Brand your school with custom logo murals
On the playing field, mascots bring crowds to their feet and rouse competitive passion in athletes. Carry that energy inside with our contour-cut graphics. These captivating cutouts trim around the edge of your logo, mascot or athletes, capturing them in action and turning them into a larger-than-life symbol of the excitement and pride at your school.

Inspirational murals build school spirit
Create inspirational messages with contour cut lettering. Select the font, size, color and arrangement, and we’ll maximize the wow-factor of your mottos and mission statements. Colorful custom lettering is your best bet for memorable motivational statements in locker rooms, vibrant customized signage in front offices, or anywhere you need to convey one-of-a-kind messaging in an educational or athletic setting. Boost school spirit and build a sense of community by incorporating your logo, student photos and school colors in custom art for hallways, foyers, sport venues, reception areas, and more. Logo accents and personalized imagery strike a chord with students and bring excitement, great memories and school pride to the forefront. We can help you show off the best things about your school – students, teachers, athletes, parents and projects – with high-impact logos, mascot graphics and panoramic photo collages.


Zebulon Middle School
Zebulon, NC

Grenada Kidzeum

Grenada Elementary School
Grenada, MS

Easy to Install, and Durable

Removable and repositionable murals
Magic Murals offers a variety of durable products that stick tight to walls of any surface. Our peel-and-stick products make installation so easy a third grader could do it! As any science teacher knows, what goes up must eventually come down. When that time comes, our murals can be removed with just a tug at the corner and no damage to the original wall surface. Even better? Most products can be reinstalled in another location.

Mural options compatible with a variety of surfaces
QuikStik™ for smooth walls offers a durable film lamination option to protect the mural and underlying wall from whatever the school day throws at it. No need to hire a professional for installation. Just peel the backing and press to the wall. QuikStik Plus and RoughStik materials bind fast to textured walls and are also installed by simply peeling and sticking. For exterior and floor applications, try concrete graphics and products designed for exterior walls. Choosing a Magic Mural means choosing quality. For more information about materials, call us at 877-448-7295 or compare materials online here.

Educational Murals: Bring Lessons to Life!

Murals that inspire learning
Students learn better when they can see, touch and visualize. Bring your lessons to life by creating a learning center that surrounds students with vibrant, memorable images. We can help you to create a stimulating atmosphere for students who are experiencing their lessons, rather than reading from a textbook. Picture it: the galaxy stretched out across the walls and ceiling in a science classroom. Arlington Cemetery, Mount Rushmore, or your state capitol building reinforcing lessons in a social studies room. Can’t bring your students to the Jefferson Memorial? Bring the Memorial to them! Search our database of thousands of images for local interest areas, famous landmarks, geographic wonders, and places of interest from around the world.

Educational maps, geographical and historical murals
Cater to all kinds of learners by augmenting lectures and activities with impactful images. Our Library of Congress collection contains poignant historical images and countless geographic landmarks. Our Maps & Flags collection, including Essential Geography of the U.S., brings the world to your classroom. We can help you to create a stimulating atmosphere for students who are experiencing their lessons, rather than reading from a textbook. Students learn best when they are involved and engaged in the lesson. Dry Erase murals are a fantastic way to let students work collaboratively, teaching each other and using their imagination and critical thinking skills to solve problems. They’re a great tool for teachers who want to add color to their lessons.


Northwood High School
Pittsboro, NC

Please give us a call at 877-448-7295 or email us at service@magicmurals.com if you would like to discuss your project or if there is anything we can do to help.

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