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97 Murals

Collage Wall Murals

Collage wall murals offer the answer to just about every kind of wall decor dilemma you can imagine. It is not always easy to pick one powerful image for a wallpaper mural that will make the impact you seek in your space. When there are several excellent choices within a given theme or subject, picking one photo, artwork or illustration from the collection can be hard. Collages come to the rescue in such situations, giving you the opportunity to showcase several of your favorite photographs in one beautiful wall mural. This collection of wall murals featuring collages of various categories is no exception.

Some of the interesting themes featured in this collection include coffee, flowers, animals, world landmarks, bridges, US cities and skylines and several whimsical child-inspired themes. These feature storybook like characters and elements rendered in bold splashes of color. Food connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the delicious looking collages of varieties of fruit and vegetables. Most of these collages work well in a wide number of settings such as your kitchen, living room, dining room and even a restaurant or your office. Murals featuring coffee beans and steaming mugs of coffee would make perfect additions to the walls in a cafe or diner. The same applies to murals of food, including fruit and vegetable varieties. Wallpaper murals featuring vintage maps and historical buildings are great choices for classrooms, offices and other indoor spaces where you want to create visual interest.

While some murals are landscapes with up to sixteen images constituting the collage, others are portrait murals. Yet others are panoramas with as few as three individual images making up the collage. The array of collage wall murals here appeal to varied tastes and preferences in wall art. The collection includes collages on a number of subjects ranging from world monuments to whimsical characters, so no matter which type of indoor space you are looking to decorate and regardless of your artistic taste, you will find collage wall murals to match.