Our Mural Material Swatches

A big part of creating the perfect wall mural is choosing just the right material for your project. Selecting a compatible material for your wall surface is of the utmost importance and will guarantee maximum performance of your Magic Mural. That's why we've created Swatch Kits 1 & 2 below for you to see and feel all of the state-of-the-art materials that we offer!
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(for Interior Walls)


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We offer the highest quality and the most installation-friendly mural materials of any company out there. We’ve taken it a step further by offering ten different options that you can order right now on our site including our new Gold and Silver Iridescent for smooth and lightly textured walls. Not sure which is right for you? No worries, we’ve assembled all ten materials for indoor wall applications into Swatch Kit ONE so you can get to know our materials like the back of your hand.

*Includes US Postal Service Priority Mail 2-3 day for domestic US addresses

Kit ONE contains the following TEN - 5" x 8" pre-printed, superior quality wall mural material swatches.

  • UltraStik™ (pre-pasted wallpaper)
  • QuikStik™ Smooth Matte Finish (peel and stick vinyl)
  • QuikStik™ w/ Protective Matte Laminate (peel and stick vinyl)
  • QuikStik™ w/ Protective Dry Erase Laminate (Gloss) (peel and stick vinyl)
  • QuikStik Plus™ Smooth Matte Finish (peel and stick fabric)
  • QuikStik Plus™ Gold (peel and stick fabric)
  • QuikStik Plus™ Silver (peel and stick fabric)
  • ProStik™ Smooth Matte Finish (unpasted, heavy duty vinyl)
  • ProStik™ Canvas Matte Finish (unpasted, heavy duty vinyl)
  • ecoProStik™ Smooth Matte Finish (unpasted, heavy duty paper)


(for Additional Surfaces)


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If you're like some of our customers, it's not always an interior wall on which you're trying to install a mural. Windows...concrete...exterior surfaces? We've got you covered with our Swatch Kit TWO. This kit will provide you with swatches of all our special order mural materials for a variety of applications. We're here to help you decide which works for you so order a kit and get started today! Contact us with any questions you may have about these specialty materials.

*Includes US Postal Service Priority Mail 2-3 day for domestic US addresses

Kit TWO contains the following EIGHT - 5" x 8" pre-printed, superior quality material swatches for additional surfaces.

  • RoughStik™ (peel and stick textured vinyl)
  • SuperStik™ exterior grade PVC Free (requires professional installation)
  • Perforated Window Film exterior glass (peel and stick)
  • Backlit Window Film
  • Inside Mount Window Film 100% Blockout (peel and stick to interior glass)
  • Frosted Vinyl (plain or printed)
  • Banner (13oz vinyl)
  • Canvas (satin finish)



(Limit: 1 per household)


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So you've found the perfect mural, you've put in your custom size and you think you've chosen the right material for your wall. There's no need for guesswork with our complimentary pre-printed material swatch. Click Request Swatch and let us know which material you'd like to see up close and personal and we'll mail you a swatch out of the kindness of our hearts. *Ships First Class US Mail – allow up to 10 to 14 days for delivery.

  • UltraStik™

  • QuikStik™ Smooth Matte Finish
  • QuikStik™ Protective Matte Laminate
  • QuikStik™ Dry Erase Laminate
  • QuikStik™ PLUS
  • QuikStik™ PLUS GOLD
  • QuikStik™ PLUS SILVER
  • ProStik™ Smooth
  • ProStik™ Canvas
  • ecoProStik™
  • SuperStik™
  • RoughStik™
  • Perforated Window Film
  • Backlit Window Film
  • Inside Mount Window Film
  • Frosted Vinyl
  • Banner
  • Canvas
  • Floor Graphics

Sometimes you need a little more than pre-printed swatches to sell your client on that special project or make up your own mind. Custom swatches of your specific mural selection printed on the material of your choice will let you see the colors and resolution/print quality of your image at its final size.


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The Custom Swatch Kit includes a 9" x 11" print of the original image for an overall view as well as color reference of the entire mural. In addition, we include two 9" x 11" LIVE swatches of areas cropped from the image at full scale based on the actual size of your proposed mural. (The two shaded areas on the original image swatch indicate where LIVE swatches are being sourced.)

Custom Swatches - only $25

*Includes US Postal Service Priority Mail 2-3 day for domestic US addresses. (Let us know if you have a pending deadline. Otherwise, please allow for 2 to 3 day production time.)

Simply call us or click Contact Us to get your project started!

Tell us about the size of your mural (an accurate final print size is required to process the most accurate Custom swatch), the image you're interested in and what material you'd like your custom swatches printed on, then we'll do the rest. Please include any other details you may have such as color matching, custom cropping, etc.

We will contact you to confirm the request and process the payment prior to producing your Custom swatch.