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Butterflies & Insects


Butterfly and Insect Wall Murals

This grand collection of butterfly wall murals features a wonderful display of breathtaking photographs, artwork, paintings and whimsical illustrations of various kinds of butterflies, moths and other bugs. These images of delicate winged creatures are sure to lend a magical quality to any space they become a part of. From close up views of the details on a monarch butterfly’s wings to vintage collages and mixed media artwork featuring flowers and insects, the selection spans a number of subjects while retaining the central theme. Insect buffs, nature lovers and little ones alike will find reasons to smile with this wallpaper mural set. Whether to introduce a whimsical quality to your decor, to brighten up a child’s bedroom or nursery or to add color and personality to your walls, these murals have what it takes to refresh your space.

The variety of images and styles in this collection lends it its versatility, ensuring that there is something to match just about every kind of taste. Take for instance the vintage collages or the mixed media artwork that feature a unique blend of colors and texture, rendering them visually interesting choices for spaces demanding more sophisticated decor. On the other hand, you can almost smell the flowers and feel the softness of butterfly wings in other murals that feature close up shots of the insect drinking nectar from a flower. The vibrant flowers themselves, either as clusters or as single blooms, provide stunning backdrops for the magnificent butterflies, dragonflies, bees and other insects. Besides photographs, the set also includes visually striking graphics such as the abstract illustration featuring a Rainbow Butterfly Tree - a captivating, colorful representation of butterflies taking the place of fall leaves on a tree and its shadow on the ground.

These wall murals breathe life into your space with their delightful motifs and their sparkling representation. What’s more, the depth and quality of the murals transport your walls to gardens, parks and distant enchanting worlds. The collection spans a range of artistic styles and picturesque locations, from Victoria Butterfly Gardens in British Columbia, Canada to Kettle Moraine State Forest, Wisconsin, from murals featuring simple, bold strokes perfect for a child’s environment to grungy collages and abstract splashes of color.