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449 Murals

Bedroom Wall Murals

If you were to list out everything you’re looking for in bedroom wall murals and browse through this collection, you would find just about everything on your list featured among these fascinating wallpaper murals hand-picked especially for your bedroom walls. The murals exude beauty, character, inspiration and elegance evoking awe and appreciation as you wake up to them each morning and retire for the night at the end of each day. Every adult spends roughly one-third of his life in his bedroom, and it is very important to surround yourself with images that inspire and move you, rekindle your spirit and your passion for life and motivate you as you rise each morning. With this collection of bedroom murals, there’s no shortage of inspiring images. Your only dilemma now will be to choose from among these hundreds of murals as the space on your bedroom walls is likely to be limited!

From spectacular natural vistas featuring beaches, oceans, sunsets, waterfalls and forests to magnificent man-made marvels such as bridges, monuments and cities, these murals capture the finest views from around the world and deliver them to your bedroom walls. Whether you’re an adventurer at heart, a travel buff, a nature lover or have a penchant for world famous monuments, these bedroom wall murals will not disappoint you. From the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower, lighthouses to the light glowing at the end of a covered bridge, from nature’s awe-inspiring wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon to man-made cities that light up the night sky, this collection is about as comprehensive as it gets when it comes to the range of bedroom wall murals.

Fall colors, Japanese maple trees, sparkling waters, leaping dolphins and tulip fields are just some of the themes covered here. Enjoy a glimpse into your brand new bedroom as you browse through this collection of bedroom wall murals.