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Jungle and Safari Animals



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192 Murals

Jungle and Safari Animal Wall Murals

This collection of jungle and safari animal wall murals opens your walls to the wonderful world of wildlife. From African safaris to the Amazon rain forest, these murals take you to remote corners of the planet and energize your walls with images of some of the most exotic animals from around the world. These include creatures as agile and ferocious as cheetahs, lions and tigers, as majestic as elephants and as graceful and vibrant as flamingos, parrots and macaws. From monkeys swinging on tree branches to silhouettes of giraffes and zebras, from African hippos to Zebu cattle of Madagascar, these wallpaper murals of jungle and safari animals paint your walls with life and color.

The collection features fascinating wildlife shots of animals in their natural habitats as well as photos of creatures in captivity. From deep jungles to family zoos, close up shots to bird’s eye views, from photo collages to colorful artwork, the wallpaper murals in this collection present a range of interesting choices. Depending on your personal preference in wildlife murals and the space you wish to decorate, you will find that the collection offers the perfect option for just about any setting and need. While the close-up shots reveal the intriguing stripes on a tiger striking a regal pose or the piercing brown eyes of a baboon, the wide angle shots enable you to take in the vistas of Mongolian camels grazing against the backdrop of mountains or a solitary lion resting amidst the tall grass of the African Savanna. Each mesmerizing wallpaper mural in this collection presents a unique perspective and a glimpse into the many habitats and their amazing inhabitants.

These murals enliven the rooms and hallways in your home or office and reflect your passion for the awe-inspiring wonders of the wild. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space, to show your support for wildlife conservation or to inspire and educate your child, you will find numerous choices among these jungle and safari animal wall murals.