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Dolphins & Whales



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Wall Murals of Dolphins and Whales

If wall art featuring dolphins and whales inspires you, explore this shimmering collection of wall murals featuring these fascinating creatures in action. From playful, leaping dolphins to killer whales out on a hunt, this set of murals includes a wide range of images to tickle your artistic taste. Dozens of stunning underwater and surface photographs, paintings and artwork in this collection bring the ocean into your space. The images feature whales, dolphins and a number of fish, some gliding through still, sparkling waters, others riding a large wave, yet others deep underwater hunting for food or leaping above the surface, as if only to be captured on camera. Each mural is a tribute to the ancient mysteries of the ocean and the many types of life forms its ecosystem has supported for millions of years. In this collection of wallpaper murals, you will find images that add drama and depth to your space as well as images that inspire a serene setting. If you’re looking for wall decor for children’s rooms or other child-friendly spaces, you will find plenty of whimsical choices among the paintings and artwork featuring gorgeous blue waters, friendly ocean creatures and splashes of color. The mural with a group of Guiana river dolphins playing and leaping is one. On the other hand, you will also find breathtaking, landscape and portrait style representations and panoramas of the ocean, close-up views of humpback whales, killer whale cubs and pairs of dolphins silhouetted against the twilight sky as they leap in sync.

These murals capture the essence of dolphins and whales and splash it onto your walls, weaving in the beauty, fragility and power of these creatures while communicating their important role in maintaining a balance in our food chain and ecosystem. The brilliant treatment and vivid quality of these images makes it crystal clear why saving our oceans and the life forms in them is crucial to our planet. These murals are appropriate for school hallways, educational centers, museums, galleries, retail spaces and a number of other public spaces. Within your own home, if there is a wall that could use some rejuvenation, introduce a fresh burst of life with these wall murals of dolphins and whales.