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Panoramic Collection



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Panoramic Collection Wall Murals

Our panoramic collection wall murals will take your breath away. When you want to showcase the grand scale and magnificence of a subject visually, there’s no better option than a panoramic mural to do it. Whether it’s nature photography or cityscapes that impress you, you’ll find that wallpaper murals presented as panoramas are the best way to create the maximum impact. A panorama is the ideal choice when you wish to enjoy an unobstructed and complete view of a particularly wide or tall subject such as a photograph of a mountain range, canyon or river or manmade subjects such as a city’s skyline, an airplane seen up-close or long bridges.

Naturally, our panoramic collection is full of wall murals featuring these subjects in addition to several others. This collection caters to a wide variety of interests and tastes offering you a great selection in panoramic murals for your space. These wide murals are especially well suited to large halls, long hallways and the space on the wall behind a long table or sofa, among others. Offices, corporate lobbies, restaurants and residential spaces, all make excellent homes for pano murals.

From the Kalahari desert to Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge to Venice’s Grand Canal, our collection of panoramic murals includes just about every subject under the sun you can imagine, be it a natural wonder or a manmade one. Being of superior quality and a relatively easy way to update any space, our panoramic wallpaper murals make excellent gifts. When you find yourself wondering how to decorate a space, whether large or small, consider a panoramic mural. Not only do these wallpaper murals serve as illusory windows in your space but also as inspiring wall art that remains etched in the mind long after you've left the room.