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409 Murals

Bathroom Wall Murals

This collection of bathroom wall murals has everything you need to to turn the most personal and private space in your home or office into a tranquil sanctuary. The bathroom is the one place in our homes where many of us find the peace and quiet we need to recharge our inner reservoir of energy and enthusiasm. These bathroom wallpaper murals inject serenity, beauty and elegance to the walls in your bathroom, providing you interesting images to reflect upon and at times, spectacular views to open your space out to. These faux window wall murals especially hand-picked for bathrooms exude a sense of unhurried calmness that is so essential to your mental well being when you are about to head out to another busy day of work and family commitments.

Among these bathroom murals, you will find breathtaking photographs of beaches and tropical islands, mixed media collages, meticulously created artwork, computer generated graphics and illustrations. These bathroom wallpaper murals have the potential to transport your walls to a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting or, perhaps one that’s on your favorite list. From the canals in Venice to Cape Hatteras lighthouse in North Carolina, experience the splendour of nature and the marvel of man-made structures right in your bathroom. Watch your bathroom walls spring to life with these murals of beautiful, vibrant flowers, sun-kissed sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and picturesque sunrise scenes.

Water plays an important role in creating a balance and introducing serenity to your bathroom walls, which is why several of the murals in this collection feature underwater scenes, world famous waterfalls, rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans and other water elements. These lend a refreshing touch to the wall decor in your bathroom. For many of us, the bathroom is more than a room. It is a space where ideas and born and inspiration is sparked, where you can relax and rejuvenate not just in a physical sense but also on other levels. If you’re looking to create one such space, start with this collection of bathroom wall murals.