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Library of Congress



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183 Murals

Library of Congress Wall Murals

If there’s a subject that’s important or interesting, it’s likely to be captured in our Library of Congress wall mural collection. Whether you’re looking for murals for your home, office or a retail setting, you won’t have to look further to find wallpaper murals on just about any historical topic. From nature to national monuments, legendary sportsmen to historical milestones, almost every kind of photo, illustration and artwork finds a place in this collection of wall murals of originals preserved in the Library of Congress.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of rare photographs, old movie posters, black and white photographs of nation builders and more in this vast collection of murals. These murals represent some of the most significant events in history as well as slices of everyday American life, making them wonderful choices for any home or office. You won’t have to travel far to enjoy a glimpse of the Wright brothers’ very first flight or for a view of horse farms, canyons and desert landscapes from around America. You’ll find all these and more alongside portraits of Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee in our handpicked Library of Congress wall mural collection.

This expansive collection of wall murals ensures a nostalgic trip down memory lane for some and an educational journey for others. These murals featuring black and white and full color photographs and artwork are a great way to teach children about history, heritage and American pop culture from times past. With these wallpaper murals, you can turn carefully preserved images representing a range of subjects from different periods into ready to display wall decor in your space. If you’re not quite sure of the type of art to hang on a wall, you’ll only have to look to our Library of Congress wall murals to find one you love.