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Out of the Blue



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838 Murals

Wall Murals by Out of the Blue

This collection of wall murals features fine art and photography from Out of the Blue - a specialist ‘Art Licensing Company’ that aims to build ‘Art Brands’. The Out of the Blue wall mural collection brings you an expansive variety of choices for your space in terms of theme, subject and style. Regardless of your taste and preference in wall decor, you are most likely to find several wallpaper murals that match in this dazzling collection. From still life to scintillating skies, picturesque landscapes to poignant portraits, nautical themes to nature photography, regal wildlife to whimsical artwork, you will come across just about every kind of wall mural to enrich and enliven your space. These world class murals from artists, designers and photographers around the world have been handpicked for their refreshing representation of some of the most fascinating and popular themes. MagicMurals.com has a license to bring you several of the artists’ imagery.

Out of the Blue wall murals provide the critical link between artists and art lovers. Their collection brings visibility to the work of artists and photographers by serving it up in a fashion that matches the demands and trends in the home and wall decor market. So, whether you’re redecorating a nursery or sprucing up your home for an upcoming holiday, looking for corporate wall decor or tasteful art for your restaurant, you won’t have to look beyond this collection to find appropriate wall murals for any indoor space. With hundreds of options to choose from, your only challenge will be to pick your favorites from this collection. From storybook-like illustrations for your child’s bedroom to vintage artwork for an intimate dining space, this all-encompassing collection has it all covered. So, if you were to pick a theme out of the blue and browse among these murals for a piece to match, in all likelihood, you would find not just one, but several wall murals to match your search. Go ahead and take that Out of the Blue wall mural challenge and see what happens.