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Hospital Murals
Sarasota Memorial

"Our 40+ feet of nurse’s station looks great with the new mural installed. The service was excellent from the initial layout to final delivery. Even in the middle of the Christmas Holidays, your company was able to turn the project around in no time and deliver a product that surprised all of the staff on the floor. Everyone is still amazed at how well the mural looks on the nurse’s station. Thank you for a great job and excellent product." Jim Bugyis, Sarasota, FL

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Hospital Wall Murals

Magic Murals offers unsurpassed expertise and the highest quality murals for designers of hospital and healthcare facility interiors. Our materials are extremely durable and printed using eco-friendly materials that emit no harmful chemicals. Choose from thousands of mural images in our gallery, and take advantage of our team of professionals ready to assist you in achieving your design goals at every step of the way. We've worked directly with several hospitals and large managed care systems across the United States and we understand the important balance of durability, industry specifications and style in healthcare environments. To shop our collection of Hospital murals, click here.

Maintenance Friendly, Premium Quality Materials

• Eco friendly, low maintenance murals
In a hospital setting, no health factor can be overlooked. Our premium-quality indoor Latex inks are odorless and do not release harmful or hazardous chemicals into the air. Our Type II commercial-grade “Pro-Stik” wall covering and our QuikStik™ product with a sleek laminated finish are extra durable and recommended for healthcare settings.

• Class A fire-rated materials
Both QuikStik™ and our Type II commercial-grade "Pro-Stik" materials protect walls, stand up to frequent wipe-downs, eliminate concerns with chemicals used for cleaning, and are Class A fire-rated for the highest level of safety and flame resistance. And while Magic Murals are nearly impenetrable when installed on the wall, our materials are easily removed when necessary and won't damage the underlying wall surface. To find out more about each of our material options, visit our Compare Materials page.



Doris H


Personalized Support for Your Project

• Personal service with your mural project
In a healthcare facility, well designed spaces and supportive settings can produce positive outcomes for patients, visitors and staff. To help you achieve your goals, our team of professionals provides personal service for your project, from start to finish.

• Color matching and attention to details
Our graphic designers can create an image to fit your space exactly, and color match to blend with existing décor. Custom samples are available by request. We can even recommend certified installers that can skillfully and professionally install our products.

Extensive Mural Gallery

• Looking for a certain image?
Choose from thousands of mural images hand-selected to meet the needs of discerning designers of healthcare facility interiors. Our America collection features landmarks from each of the 50 states, allowing you to localize your décor. For long spans of wall, consider an impactful panoramic image. For exam rooms, serenity-themed images add beauty and put patients at ease.

• Children's themes for Pediatric facilities
Add cheer to family-friendly spaces with illustrations, animals, numbers, patterns and more from our children’s collection. Choose a Color Me!™ mural to help kids to lose themselves for a moment by picking up markers and paint brushes and creating a larger-than-life art project.

• A personal touch
At MagicMurals.com, we value the opportunity to serve each one of our customers with an unsurpassed level of personal care and service. Nothing is more important to us than taking time to assist you. We have years of experience working with large healthcare systems, interior designers and corporate clients every day to ensure the highest satisfaction for every customer, every time. You can trust our professionals to help you create well designed and supportive settings that produce positive outcomes for patients, visitors and staff. Please give us a call at 877-448-7295 or email us at service@magicmurals.com to discuss your hospital interior design project today!



Please give us a call at 877-448-7295 or email us at service@magicmurals.com if you would like to discuss your project or if there is anything we can do to help.

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