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Beach & Tropical

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1201 Murals


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1201 Murals

Beach & Tropical Wall Murals

Find a beach wall mural that will bring paradise to you. Here is a wonderful collection of beach murals and tropical images that will transfer your into a ocean paradise.

Imagine lying in a hammock listening to the waves crash the shore, the ocean breeze blowing and the palm trees swaying. Magic Murals has an amazing collection of high quality professional beach and tropical wall murals that create that peaceful atmosphere. Relax in your home with a wall mural of the beach at sunset, or of an island in the tropics that offers an incredible view of the colors of the ocean. Interested in some coastal artwork for your beach house? Magic Murals has hundreds of wall murals of the waves, surf, and beach that will transform your getaway into a vivid tropical masterpiece.

Select one of our beach murals and become lost in a blissful paradise. Choose from one of the many captivating sunset murals that paint the sky brilliant hues of red, orange and pink. Or a mural with views of the seagulls flying above or white sands that seem to stretch for miles and miles. Find your perfect spot on the beach and watch as the children play, dolphins swim by and the pelicans dive into the water. Escape from reality and live the life of luxury with one of our beach and tropical murals.

Where would you like to go? Maybe to the Caribbean? Find wall murals that will take you to the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands. Long for the Pacific? Install a tropical mural from Hawaii, Fiji, Bora Bora, or any other paradise you can imagine. Even if you can't relax in a bungalow off a tropical island or set up chairs on the beach in a remote tropical locale, Magic Murals can help you bring it right into your own home!

Magic Murals prides itself in providing you with the highest quality professional images at the lowest prices. Choose from our extensive library of images of the beach or upload an image of your own tropical scene to create that special piece of artwork for your home or business. Installing a beach wall mural from Magic Murals is incredibly easy. So take a minute, find your tropical paradise, and put it in your home to enjoy year- round! Magic Murals can help, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!