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Custom Wallpaper Wall Murals with Repeating Patterns

Magic Murals is the only custom wallpaper source where you, acting as your own interior designer, can create truly custom wallpaper with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Only Magic Murals lets you select your pattern size. Our industry-leading innovation allows you to select the size of your repeating pattern from 12", 24" and 48" alternatives. Each wallpaper pattern among our growing collection of hundreds provides three very different and unique looks to satisfy your decorating needs. Once you’re on the pattern design page, simply choose the size you think you want and then look at the corresponding room scene to help make up your mind. You’ll see that the exact same pattern can provide a big and bold look at 48" while achieving a graceful and delicate décor when the 12" option is selected. You can also zoom into the pattern to see the fine details and colors.

Choosing your pattern size isn’t your only choice. Magic Murals offers many options for decorators, commercial space designers and creative homeowners.

Choose among three standard sizes of wallcovering or create a custom size that specifically matches the size of the wall you’re covering. Custom sizes, along with our 4' wide panels, greatly reduce the amount of wasted wallpaper and the number of seams when compared with traditional wallpaper rolls. No more cutting off the tops and bottoms when you’re matching each section and seeing your money curled up on the floor.

You’ll also be able to choose the wallcovering material that meets your unique needs. As with all of our wall murals, we offer a pre-pasted wallpaper, self-adhesive / peel-and-stick repositionable and removable vinyl and woven fabric options, and heavy duty commercial Type II wallcoverings. Depending on the wallpaper material you select, we also offer a number of finishes and laminates.

Love the pattern design but the colors aren’t quite right? In many cases we can change the colors for you so they better match or complement the rest of your room and furnishings. Are you an artist or have a pattern of your own that you’d like to use? Yes – we can do that too, creating your very own custom wallpaper. Simply reach out to us HERE and we’ll get your new wallpaper started.

Our collection of patterned custom wallpaper offers an easy way to jazz up a blank wall and the surrounding space. Murals with patterns have been popular for ages and we give this time-tested trend a new spin with an updated collection of designs. Browse through collections of themed patterns ranging from nature and novelty to traditional and modern motifs and much more.

Wallpaper wall murals with repeating patterns may be used to create a feature wall—a relatively inexpensive and easier option when compared to adding decorative tiles or panels. For example, putting in a brick wall above the fireplace mantel is an architectural change that may not be a viable option for everyone, but a wallpaper mural with a brick pattern is a workable fix for most. Decorators also use wallpaper to showcase their hobbies or passion. We carry patterns featuring bicycle wheels, sports motifs, geometric shapes, beverage glasses and global designs, among many others.

Wallpaper can be the perfect wallcovering for every room in your home, from the living room to the dining room and kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Do a single wall or the entire room.

And don’t forget about your kids’ rooms. We carry a collection of murals with children’s patterns to please the littlest of inhabitants in your home. From whimsical animal illustrations to alphabets, abstract designs to sports, just about every theme may be found in our collection of kids wallpaper.

Finally, remember that wallpaper murals with repeating patterns are not just meant for homes. They are often the right choice for restaurants, spas, apartments and senior living communities, corporate lobbies and other commercial spaces too. You’ll find several patterns to suit your business – or, let us create one for you using your logo, product designs or other artwork and graphics.

When it comes to wallpaper and wall murals for residential and commercial spaces, we have a reputation for a wide assortment and excellence in quality and service. Please give us a call at 877-448-7295 or email us at to get your project started and see what kind of magic we can create for you.