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231 Murals

Historical Murals

Take a step back in time with Magic Murals, with their large collection of historical murals from different time periods in American history, as well as collections of images from around the world.

For the Civil War buffs, Magic Murals has great murals from the War Between the States, from President Abraham Lincoln, to both Lee and Grant. Magic Murals also offers wonderful photography from the Civil War period, including forts, officers, and soldiers from the 1800s. Don't forget the days of the Wild West, with cowboys, Native Americans, and the westward expansion!

Interested in the early days of Hollywood? Magic Murals offers prints from the Golden Age of cinema, with some of the greatest actors of all time! From Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe, from Clark Gable to Cary Grant to the Marx Brothers, Magic Murals has all the movie greats in the history of Hollywood cinema! You might also find some wonderful black-and-white prints that will have you reminiscing about the old days. If you remember life in the 1950s, Magic Murals has has the images that will take you back to yesteryear, including vintage cars and trucks, restaurants, and movie stars from the era!

From Machu Picchu to Rome, from the Civil War to the Presidents to the 20th century, Magic Murals has the global and American images for the wall mural that you've been looking for!