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Wallpaper wall murals are at home in every room. Get some inspiration and design advice from our experts and the happy homeowners who have created truly custom decor with a little help from their friends at Magic Murals. Enjoy the views...


From restaurants to retailers and medical offices to museums, there are an infinite number of ways that wallpaper wall murals and other large wall and window graphics can improve your work environment and increase your bottom line. [More]

While Magic Murals is easy enough for any Do-It-Yourselfer, take a look at what these professional Interior Designers have done with our wallpaper wall murals.  Be inspired...

Sometimes our wall murals don't end up on walls at all.  From table tops to closet doors and more, take a look here.  Our customers continuously amaze us.
Be amazed...

We take the credit for producing the finest wall murals in the industry, but the real kudos go to the artists and photographers who create and capture the original images.  Be impressed...

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Over the past several years, our murals have covered everything from the windows of skyscrapers to the tabletops of restaurants.  We've put photographic non-slip floor coverings on office floors (looks just like marble tile!) and vintage maps on designer home ceilings.

With this blog, our aim is to introduce you to our large format printing prowess, share our expertise with you, spark your imagination, and start the magic happening.

Many, many thanks to all of our customers who send in pictures of their installations.  We truly love receiving them, seeing what's become of the murals we've custom-crafted, and your kind words make us smile all day long.  (We smile a lot.)

If you have one of our murals hanging in your home or office, or you're one of the many interior design firms, decorators and professional wallpaper hangers with whom we work, we'd love to hear from you.  Please, send us your story: [email protected]

If you're already inspired and have questions, here's our FAQ and the best ways to reach us.