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Daycare Facilities

If you have a home with kids in every direction, maybe you should consider a kid-friendly wall mural in your home or daycare facility. Magic Murals can help!

Inspire a child's imagination with a wallpaper mural that is fun and educational! Magic Murals has plenty of fun, colorful, exciting wall murals that both kids and adults with love! Sort through the murals, and you'll find plenty of cartoon murals and animated murals that would be perfect for a daycare setting. Browse through the wall murals of animals! You'll find dogs and cats, monkeys and lions, elephants, giraffes, and penguins, even farm animals – all perfect for a child to adore! There are fantasy scenes, with castles, dragons, and fairy tales, all wonderful for a place in your home! Magic Murals has images of some of your favorite nursery rhymes and storybooks, as well as prints that are suitable for infants, toddlers, and growing imaginations.

Magic Murals has educational murals, too. Learning letters? Furnish a playroom with an array of images where kids can learn the alphabet in a fun way! Interested in numbers? There are great murals on our site that make learning numbers fun, and can add a vibrant atmosphere to any room in your house or daycare center! We also have images that makes learning about history or the world fun for kids. Love dinosaurs? Magic Murals has the best dinosaur prints for a kid's room. In addition, find a beautiful shoreline, vibrant flowers, and towering tress to help decorate your daycare facility. For the lover of cars and trucks, Magic Murals has wall murals to make kids happy. Want to decorate a wall with a mural dedicated to trains? Magic Murals can help you do that!

Magic Murals also has ColorMe Murals! Paint your own wall mural with a ColorMe Mural. Once you install in the mural in your home or daycare, these kid-friendly mural can decorated in any color you choose! Color in your mural using acrylic paints, crayons, or even colored pencils. Let your child be the artist, and use your imagination in these creative wall murals! If you can imagine it, it can be yours! Also, check out the selection of dry-erase murals that would be great for a daycare office. Write and erase as many times as you like. This wall mural lets you write directly on the mural, and you can even erase and start over as many times as you like! The possibilities are endless.

These family-friendly and kid-friendly murals are perfect for a home or daycare facilities, and Magic Murals has plenty of professional quality images and some of the best artists around. Have a picture that you think would like great on a wall mural? Upload it to our site, and we can help you create your own! Installation is easy, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Give Magic Murals a call today, and transform your daycare facility into a magical wonderland!