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Lilla Rogers Studio



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116 Murals

Lilla Rogers Studio Wall Murals

These wall murals from the renowned Lilla Rogers Studio bring you some of the most vibrant, whimsical and wonderful illustrations and artwork from artists around the globe. The collection features some of the finest work of international artists, handpicked and represented by the Lilla Rogers Studio based in Massachusetts.

These murals are extraordinary examples of creative excellence that exude a tasteful blend of whimsy, elegance and sophistication.

The themes covered by Lilla Rogers Studio creations span animals, landscapes, flowers, farms, forests, underwater life and other lively places and characters. There is a storybook like quality to many of these murals that is sure to appeal to the youngest members of your family. The collection also features alphabet murals that are perfect for your newborn’s nursery. The murals, though brimming with whimsy and fun elements spare no attention to detail. The tasteful use of bold and bright colors and contrasting elements lends these murals their exceptional visual appeal. If there’s one thing the Lilla Rogers Studio collection of murals will not fail to do, it is add cheer and life to your space. The wallpaper murals energize your walls and make them pop, whether it’s a child’s bedroom, a classroom, hallway, waiting room or restaurant.

The wallpaper murals in this collection make excellent gifts for children and expectant or new parents who are in the process of decorating their baby’s room. Besides being beautiful in visual appeal, the murals are incredibly easy to install, making them easy choices for families with children. Fun backdrops, the creative use of geometric shapes and the fearless use of color make these murals truly unique. These murals work well individually as well as in combination with other murals in the collection, weaving stories into your walls and introducing a dash of personality into your space. If you’re looking for fine artwork for child-frequented spaces, treat your eyes to the Lilla Rogers Studio wall mural collection.