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We're here to help you find the answers to your questions -- by now we've heard them all! We know you're busy too, so we've listed some of our most Frequently Asked Questions on this page to help you find a quick answer to a question or you can visit the full FAQ page HERE.

Feel free to contact us by phone, live chat or by filling out the email form below if you still have questions. We look forward to helping with your mural project!

Frequently Asked Questions
How much do your murals cost?

All of our mural prices are based on your size and material selection, with prices starting at $6 per square foot, or around $140 for a SMALL 4'x6' mural.

To find accurate pricing for your mural project, simply click on a mural in our catalog or search results and visit the product page. Enter your size, select your material and options, and voila! Feel free to add this mural, and any additional murals, to your cart to see a total price for your project.

Remember, all of our murals receive Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US!

Can I make a mural out of my picture?

So you've got an image and you want to turn it into a mural. Sounds easy, right? It is! Use our Create a Custom Mural page to upload your image and turn it into a beautiful wall mural.

You'll need a high-resolution image in order to print a wall mural, so make sure you've got the best version possible (this means not from google images or Facebook). We suggest a minimum of a 12-megapixel file (about 3000 pixels x 4000 pixels) for our murals and the bigger the better. Some of the murals in our XL Collection are GIGA-pixel files with over 1,000,000,000 pixels! If you've got vector .AI or .EPS files, we love working with those because they can print to any size.

Have other questions? Use the Contact Us form on this page to get started on your mural project.

What material should I choose?

Excellent question and it's probably a little more involved than we can answer here, but we'll try. (See our COMPARE MATERIALS page for a more detailed answer.)

Our QuikStik™ products are peel and stick materials that are super-easy to install. QuikStik™ is specially engineered for smooth, painted walls and QuikStik PLUS™ is made for lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel or knockdown walls that are common on the West Coast. Both of these materials are removable and repositionable and can be moved from one wall to another.

Our UltraStik™ material is a pre-pasted wallpaper -- just wet the back to activate the paste and stick it to the wall. Our best-selling material, UltraStik™ is an eco-friendly recyclable material that can even contribute to LEED credits where necessary, and is suitable for smooth painted surfaces or lightly textured surfaces.

ProStik Type II™ is a heavy-duty 20oz un-pasted commercial wallcovering meant for the most demanding applications. While ProStik™ installation is generally handled by professional installers, any avid do-it-yourselfer should have no problem installing a ProStik™ mural on their wall.

All of our mural materials are fire-rated for commercial applications.

How do I install your murals?

Whether you're just browsing for a new mural or you're half-way through your mural installation day, you've come to the right place if you need help. All of our materials have been designed to be easy-to-install yourself.

Our QuikStik™ products are peel and stick products that make installation a breeze. (Find our Installation Guides here.) The beauty of QuikStik™ and QuikStik PLUS™ is that if you do find yourself with a bubble during installation, you can simply peel back the material and carefully squeegee out any air pockets while reapplying.

UltraStik™ installations use water to activate the invisible layer of paste on the back of the mural. This paste allows you to move and position the mural in its final place before it dries. Similar to QuikStik™, you can gently peel back part of the UltraStik™ mural if there are large air pockets as long as the paste hasn't yet dried. This will allow you to squeegee the mural flat to the wall with minimal bubbling. Small bubbles in UltraStik™ will disappear as the paste dries.

For our ProStik™ mural installations, we recommend using a premium quality, heavy-duty clear pre-mixed wallpaper adhesive such as Roman or Zinsser products. Follow manufacturer's instructions for paste and use our material Installation Guides found HERE.

If you're looking for a professional installer, go HERE.

I have a really big wall. Do you have really big murals?

Can we print BIG murals? You bet we can. We have an entire XL Collection of murals designed specifically for those big, challenging spaces. Large lobbies, hallways, conference walls, and more -- they're a perfect fit for our XL Collection. These XL murals can go at least 20-30' wide and help completely transform your space.

If you have a custom image you want blown up to a huge mural, feel free to use our Custom Upload page to see if it will work. If the resolution isn't good enough, we'll try and find one that works for you. More proof of our amazing Customer Service!

Can I install a mural outdoors?

You've been staring at that old brick wall for years. You walk by it every day wondering what could brighten it up. "Eureka!" you exclaim. "A mural would surely do the trick!" But does Magic Murals have the right material to cover your wall? We sure do, but we don't sell it directly on our website because each and every exterior mural project is different and requires its own attention to detail. Maybe you need a mesh banner to cover an old fence or some fancy new window graphics on your fancy new store -- let us show you what can be done. Fill out the Contact Us form on this page to start your project.

I'm not finding the mural I want, can you help?

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? We have the experience and expertise to help you find just the right image using a variety of resources. From specific local landmarks or faraway landscapes to that perfect piece of fine art, we've seen it all! (Well most of it, anyway.)

Give us a little direction on your project and let us show you why our Customer Service is consistently rated one of the best. Fill out the Contact Us form on this page to get started!

Do you ship internationally?

We're always being asked from customers around the world... 'Do you ship to...Australia, Canada, England, Japan, China, etc???' You bet we do. We've shipped murals to all 7 continents. That's right, we even sent a mural to Antarctica!

What's the only thing better than our ability to ship anywhere in the world? Our international shipping rates, that's what. You won't find better rates than ours because all we do is pass the shipping cost to you, no markup.

To find pricing for international shipping, simply add a mural to your Shopping Cart and then use the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" form at the bottom of the cart for a quick quote! (Magic Murals is not responsible for import duties/taxes or customs charges.) Find more info on shipping HERE.

Can I re-use your murals?

Well, this answer might get a little sticky (pun intended). Both our QuikStik™ and QuikStik PLUS™ materials are removable and repositionable products meant to be re-used if desired. Simply save the backing paper from installation and carefully remove the mural and apply it to the backing paper for safe keeping. Just re-install in your new location and your mural is ready to be further enjoyed for years to come.

Our UltraStik™ and ProStik™ materials are designed to be removable, but not necessarily reusable. This doesn't mean you can't find a new use for them, we just don't recommend trying to reuse these materials.

How long does it take to make my mural?

We don't stock or inventory any of our murals, all orders are custom-printed just for you. Just like how the perfect steak dinner takes a few more minutes to prepare, we ask that you give us 3 business days to ship your mural. And since we pride ourselves on service, nothing makes us happier than beating a deadline and getting your mural to you even faster than we promise.

Have a super-tight deadline for your project? Did you completely forget that National Mural Day is next week and you don't have a gift to give? Our expedited shipping options make it easy. Just get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help. Customer Service to the rescue!
(All orders ship from North Carolina)

Can I add text or logos to my mural?

We have curated over 15,000 murals in our online catalog for your enjoyment, but we know that sometimes you need just a little bit more. We can help turn any of our murals into a personalized masterpiece.

Maybe you want to add your Company Logo, an inspiring quote, a bible verse or a wedding date to your mural. We're more than happy to help with whatever it is you're asking.

Love the palm trees but hate the hammock? Want us to add a faux-wood border to create a framed look to your mural? Chances are we can customize it to your liking. Fill out the Contact Us form on this page and let us help!

Will your murals work in a bathroom?

We get this question a lot. As in, "Can I put up that gorgeous mural above my garden tub?" "How will the QuikStik™ material hold up to the humidity?" After years of these questions and the resulting installations, we're here to tell you -- go for it!

All of our materials have performed well in bathroom installations that don't involve direct contact with water (and occasionally ones that do).

What are you waiting for? Start shopping now or fill out the Contact Us form on this page if you have any bathroom mural questions.

How many panels does my mural come in?

Almost all of our standard size murals come in 48" wide panels. You can visit the product/details page of any mural on our site and it will show you the number of panels for each standard size.

What about a custom size mural, you ask? We try to divide up your mural into equal panels for ease of installation when possible. These panels can vary in width from 40-52" and sometimes we mix it up a little to help minimize waste in our production department. We don't think you'll mind because anywhere we can save material means more $avings for you and that we're doing our part to reduce our environmental impact. It's a win-win!

How can I become an artist on

As you can see from our large catalog of curated murals, we love art and the people that make it. From photography to fine art, we've got it all and we couldn't do it without the help of our exclusive arrangements with some of the world's most renowned artists and brands.

Want to become one of our collaborators? Fill out the Contact Us form on this page and show us your work!

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