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243 Murals

Wall Murals of Birds

These wall murals featuring a diverse species of exotic, tropical and migratory birds helps your wall decor scale new heights. This selection of murals includes world class photographs, illustrations, artwork and paper collage style portraits of these multi-hued, feathered friends. The wall art pieces are sure to impress bird watchers, nature photographers and collectors of bird themed art with their spectacular representation of birds and their habitats. In addition, they make fantastic gifts for just about anyone interested in nature, photography or birds. The murals help open up spaces and are great for creating the illusion of a larger space. They serve as faux windows, bringing some of the world’s most beautiful parks, picturesque locations, swamps, rivers and lakes and their inhabitants into your space.

The collection features a myriad of images, ranging from classic shots of bird formations in the sky to close-ups of a peacock flaunting his unparalleled feathers. The extraordinary selection of murals includes realistic images of birds waiting to swoop in and catch their prey as well as magical visuals straight out of fairy tales, with enchanting swans gliding and sparkling waters as the central theme. Penguins, macaws, flamingos, parrots, peacocks, egrets, ducks, swans and a number of other species can be found in this set, that is a tribute to the majesty and beauty of these wonderful winged creatures. These murals make excellent choices for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, offices and other spaces that could use a burst of nature.

The large collection of wallpaper murals spans a wide range of photographs and paintings, capturing birds in flight, perched on branches, waiting by shores and in captivity. The diversity of images offers plenty of choices for discerning eyes - from the stunning photograph of Antarctica’s Emperor Penguins to the painting of Cuban Red Macaws soaring over a jungle. From everyday birds to endangered species, the mural set offers a glimpse into their uniquely breathtaking world - one that has fascinated and inspired the human mind for ages. The mural collection takes you on a visual adventure from the parks of Peru to the marshy waters of Wisconsin’s Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and beyond. Enjoy your bird’s eye view of the world with one or more of these wall murals of birds.