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Reptiles & Amphibians

Wall Murals of Reptiles and Amphibians

Wall murals of reptiles and amphibians such as turtles, pythons, crocodiles, alligators and frogs come together in this collection where you will find some of the most spectacular photographs, artwork and illustrations of these creatures. Sometimes ferocious, sometimes graceful, these reptiles and amphibians never cease to fascinate wildlife photographers and nature buffs. The collection manages to capture elusive and camera-shy creatures such as turtles that otherwise disappear under the safe cover of waters at the slightest disturbance. Among these wallpaper murals you will find breathtaking portraits of magnificent predators such as a python in captivity and that of a Wallace’s flying frog.

The murals present a wonderful perspective of these enigmatic creatures. Turtles basking in sunshine with their reflections bouncing off the clear waters of a pond, ferocious alligators and crocodiles with wide open jaws, Hawksbill turtle swimming through coral under the sea and chameleons flaunting their dazzling camouflaged appearance are some of the spectacular sights featured in this collection of wall murals of reptiles and amphibians. Besides stunning photographs, the collection includes tasteful artwork as well as classy computer generated graphics of these amazing creatures.

The wall mural collection of reptiles takes your walls from the waters of Wisconsin to the exotic islands of Malaysia teeming with life. The photographs and artwork feature creatures out in the open wild in their natural habitats as well as in captivity. These powerful images punctuate your space in dramatic ways, bringing your walls alive and lending them visual interest. They open your space out to a world of nature and wildlife, bringing the outdoors in and making a statement about your interest in the subject. The mural collection offers plenty of choices if you’re looking for gifts for a nature or wildlife lover. On the other hand, each mural in the reptiles and amphibians collection would also make great addition as a conversation sparker to your own space whether it’s a hallway, office or family room.