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Man Cave



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Wall Murals for the Man Cave

Let’s face it, not all man caves are created equal, nor are they all just for men. In many households, the man cave is the family room, the entertainment / media room / home theater, the home gym or some other bonus room where most of the family congregates on a regular basis. It might be where “the man of the house,” spends most of his time, but it certainly isn’t his domain alone.

In other homes, the man cave is a more private space: a home office, a den, the basement (no matter how finished or filled with spiders), the garage or the workshop out back. When I was a kid, these spaces were entered into only with an explicit invitation from dad. And, yes – in some homes the only place father gets to spend any time alone with his thoughts is when he’s in the bathroom. At the other extreme, some dudes have an entire bachelor pad to themselves. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room, every room in the house is just one more chamber in a man cave that goes on and on (and there’s usually clothes on the floor in every single one of them).

Whether you’ve got a regal man cave that’s suitable for a throne or a man cave that’s really just a “throne room,” MagicMurals.com can help you personalize that space easily and inexpensively. A large format photographic wall mural can reflect what you want that space to be (a vineyard scene turns your basement into an upscale bar, a Miles Davis Tribute by Jerry Blank turns your bar into a jazz club, etc.) and it can reflect the hobbies and interests of the primary occupant. The rest of the family might object to a 12-point buck’s head hanging above the fireplace, but how could they object to one of the classic hunting and dog scenes by artist Walter A. Weber from our National Geographic Collection.

The murals featured in this collection are just a small sampling of the selection we offer. Every man cave is different. In our home, the kitchen is actually the man cave. That might not be typical in your home (unless you’re as lucky as I am), but MagicMurals.com tries to make your home anything but typical. Put your own search terms in the box above and find what speaks to you.