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Civil War

Wall Murals of the Civil War

This remarkable collection of black and white photo wall murals from the Civil War era immortalizes some of the landmark moments, locations and buildings that created American history. The Civil War murals pay tribute to the men who played a central role in changing the course of The United States of America over 150 years ago.

The civil war wall murals take you down history lane with poignant, powerful and striking images painting a picture of the men, their actions and the buildings that have since become monuments in their own right. Whether you’re a collector of Civil War memorabilia, a passionate historian, a student of history, an educator or simply looking to add historical character and authenticity to your space, rest assured that this selection of wallpaper murals has you covered. These portraits leave an indelible mark on your mind and on the minds of every person who views them, bringing alive the important events from a different century. Besides their historical value, discerning art lovers will appreciate the lucidity and photographic reproduction quality of these masterly photographs.

From the three-quarter length portrait of President Abraham Lincoln holding a pair of glasses and a pencil in his hands, to the famous portrait of General Robert E. Lee, from the notable picture of General Charles Devens posing with his soldiers to the picture of soldiers in a rowboat, this family of images features selected photographs of some of the most telling moments from the American Civil War. These murals are among the rare pieces of wall art that are educational, inspirational and life changing, even as they blend silently with the background in your space. They make excellent mementos for history buffs, enriching the walls in hallways, lobbies and rooms with the images that will continue to remain etched in our memories.