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Dolphins & Whales



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107 Murals

Underwater Wall Murals of Dolphins and Whales

This wonderful collection of underwater wall murals featuring dolphins and whales offers a fantastic display of the beauty and majesty of these fascinating creatures. These murals help your walls become storyboards of inspiration for the rest of your decor. Whether you choose them for your home, commercial space, office or restaurant, they are sure to inspire awe and evoke a sense of tranquility in the observer. They lend your space gorgeous faux windows to peer out into the vast underwater world beyond. Ocean lovers, marine life enthusiasts and members of the dolphin and whale fan club will be pleased with the sharpness of these images and delighted with the artistic brilliance they exude.

While all of these images are worthy of a prime spot on your walls, some may leave a deeper mark in your mind. Depending on your artistic taste and preference when it comes to photographs of underwater creatures, you may find that some wallpaper murals have the potential to capture and hold your attention better than others. Some examples of striking images in this collection include that of a humpback whale nursing her calf, the murals featuring a ‘Save the Ocean’ theme or the underwater painting of various types of fish, whales, sharks, iceberg and other sea creatures. For a more whimsical choice in wall art, consider the Whale of a Time illustration that is perfect for little boys’ and girls’ rooms. The classic image of a leaping dolphin silhouetted against the twilight sky is one that is not easily overlooked.

This collection, a combination of world class photographs, illustrations, paintings, artwork and computer generated graphics is a tribute to the ocean’s mightiest and most fascinating creatures. Take your walls on an underwater adventure by treating them to a visual feast of dolphin and whale wall murals.