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Wall Mural Patterns for Children

Finding child-friendly wall mural patterns is no child’s play. It can be both fun and challenging. On one hand you have the freedom and flexibility to explore colors and creative themes, while on the other hand, you still need to keep it tasteful and neutral to some degree. How do you find wallpaper murals for children that keep up with their sense of adventure and fun while providing a pleasing, playful backdrop for their favorite activities? While choosing superheroes and fairytale characters as wallpaper themes is a popular choice, there are times when your walls may need rescuing from them! If you’re looking for an interesting, creative alternative for your child’s bedroom walls or the walls in a waiting room or classroom, consider the child-friendly wall mural patterns in this collection.

The murals included in this collection feature a mix of abstract art and creative photography. Mixed media collage art makes for wonderful wall mural patterns for a child’s space. This collection features examples of mixed media collage wall murals with word art. Children’s favorite toys and everyday items such as sidewalk chalk and building blocks make great subjects for these child-friendly wall mural patterns. A stack of chalks when captured tastefully in a wallpaper mural makes for a vibrant backdrop in any child-frequented space. The collection features a variety of child-friendly wallpaper mural patterns, including natural settings, whimsical characters and classic themes such as colorful polka dots with a vintage touch.

From the mural of a meandering pathway leading into an enchanting bamboo grove to that of a jewel tree glittering against a sunset sky, browsing through this collection of murals could be just the beginning of your decorating adventure. Spark a child’s curiosity and imagination while adding color and energy to her space with this collection of child-friendly wall mural patterns.