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Rockets & Spaceships

Wall Murals of Rockets and Spaceships

These wall murals of rockets and spaceships take your walls on an intergalactic adventure visually and serve as faux windows to the sights and scenes of outer space. These murals are perfect for children’s rooms especially if you have a budding astronaut or space scientist at home. The collection features computer generated graphics, artwork and photographs of rockets, UFOs, lunar modules and space ships that inspire young minds, spark their curiosity and imagination and take your space to the wonderful depths of space.

The wallpaper murals in this collection are an interesting blend of science and science fiction, helping your kids learn the difference while unleashing their imagination. The murals reflect the limitless nature of the human mind and imagination. In these space-themed wallpaper murals you will find a flying saucer bursting into warp speed by a nearby red ringed planet, a breathtaking reproduction of the Mir Space Station’s cross sectional view from above with wonderful planet Earth looming large beyond it, spaceships flying close to the earth, crop circles and a spaceship about to land on a checkerboard field, flying saucers of various shapes and sizes, the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center, a lunar module separating from the mother ship, a spectacular view of Space Shuttle Endeavour blasting off from Kennedy Space Center, of alien abductions and extraterrestrial life and much more. The murals create a dramatic impact on your wall and help redefine the setting whether in a class room, a hallway, an office, in your home or elsewhere.

These inspirational, educational and fascinating wall murals of real and fictitious space vehicles stimulate a sense of adventure and leave a lasting impact on observers of all ages. Electrify your walls and kindle an interest in space exploration in young minds with the help of these amazing wall murals of rockets and space ships.