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124 Murals

Spiritual Wall Murals

This collection of spiritual wall murals offers plenty of inspiring choices for your home, office and other indoor spaces. Hand-picked both for their spiritual content as well as artistic treatment and tasteful portrayal of themes, these wallpaper murals introduce a sense of tranquility and balance to your space. They may be used as inspiration pieces in your home office, meditation room, study or any space you use for contemplation. Regardless of your interest in spirituality and religious faith, or even if you do not subscribe to a specific path of beliefs, you will find that several of these spiritual wall murals are neutral enough to enrich your space.

The mural collection includes stunning photographs and artwork of people, places and religious structures as well as meticulously rendered paintings from various texts. Some of the striking photographs in this spiritual mural collection are those of Buddhist statues. While some photos feature the Buddha surrounded by a garden of flowers, others represent a panoramic image of Repeating Buddhas, the famous landmark in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Yet others showcase stunning examples of Buddhist architecture in the form of the Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo, Japan and other pagodas found around Asia. Some of the captivating paintings in this collection include those portraying Baby Jesus’s birth. The painting of Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men all look adoringly at baby Jesus as the Christmas star shines brightly above the manger is one that is sure to become a focal point. Other paintings and artwork feature an ethereal white dove with outstretched wings flying against a blue-gold background, an angel leading the way for Mary and Joseph as Mary carries Baby Jesus in her arms.

Besides Buddhas, Baby Jesus and angels, the spiritual mural collection includes photographic silhouettes of a woman meditating, aptly titled Serenity, and birds eye views of hilltop crosses, churches and steeples.

Take your walls and your space on a visual journey around the world as you treat your mind to the awe-inspiring subjects in these spiritual wall murals.