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Other Nautical Scenes

Nautical Sailing Wall Murals

Nautical wallpaper murals featuring a navigation or sailing theme are versatile pieces of art and perfect choices for nurseries, offices, hotel rooms, lobbies and various other spaces. This collection of wall murals is no exception, blending the tranquility and ferocity of water and waves with the spirit of adventure and exploration associated with navigation.

The mural collection features whimsical, vibrant pieces suitable for children’s rooms as well as more grown-up images that draw the attention of sailing enthusiasts. Paintings of sailboats, sea horses and ocean sand dollars are sure to appeal to the youngest of navigation novices, while stunning photographs and artwork featuring boardwalks, the Venetian palaces on Grand Canal, sandpipers and the Long Beach Harbor among others may have a wider reaching appeal among art lovers of all ages. The collection includes photographs, pencil sketches, paintings and images of thick sailing ropes, sailboats, lighthouses, beach houses, vibrant oars, seascapes and other familiar elements that constitute the essence of a nautical theme.

The murals have the potential to breathe new life into your space and enrich your walls with refreshing visuals. The images reflect the adventurous, charming and enduring nature of the classic art and science that is navigation. Their depth, texture and aesthetic quality is suitable for the most ordinary of rooms in homes as well as the grandest of entryways in a hotel or commercial space. They can be used for the purpose of redefining your space as well as to complement your existing decor or color scheme. These murals bring the outdoors in with faux ocean view windows - don’t be surprised if you experience salty, ocean breeze wafting into your walls! Those passionate about sailing and navigation will find plenty of design inspiration and decorating ideas in this selection of nautical and sailing themed wall murals.