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Wall Murals of Trees

Create a forest of serenity in the comfort of your own home. Find a beautiful tree wall mural at Magic Murals!

Among the most beautiful wall murals that we offer are the murals of trees – the texture of a tropical rain forest, the altitude of aspen trees high in the mountains, palm trees easing over the lagoon. If you're looking for a great wallpaper mural that brings the outdoors inside, then browse our tree wallpaper murals! You'll find photographs and paintings with amazing colors, including red and brown autumn leaves. From fall colors, move to winter, and find stunning murals of trees in snow, bare trees in the winter, and tall trees braving the coldest months. Or maybe it's something more tropical you seek. There are beautiful murals of thick canopies, trees stacked beside waterfalls and along beautiful lakes. If it's a trail through the forest or a beautiful tree-lined country road, Magic Murals can find the right mural for you.

From live oaks with Spanish moss to towering redwoods, you can find the perfect tree mural. Magic Murals has a great selection of trees of all varieties, from aspens to palms, cherry blossoms to cypresses, and poplars to baobab trees. From Africa to Alaska, Magic Murals can find the tree mural that you want to adorn your home.

How do you feel? Looking for trees in beautifully painted landscapes? Maybe tall trees in desert canyons? Maybe trees reflecting off of lakes, trees soaring over the mountains, or nestled beside a peaceful, calm lake? We can do that. Maybe you want to see the sunlight piercing the canopy, shining down through the trees? Or possibly you just want a gnarled desert tree with branches in every direction? Good thing you've found Magic Murals! We have old farm trees, or trees with apples, oranges, and other fruits. We have trees with thick trunks, carved trunks, or trunks submerged in water. We have trees lining forest waterfalls, and paintings of trees in a country landscape. Looking for texture? Magic Murals has wonderful texture images, from bamboo to spruce to tree trunks. Found your perfect wall mural yet? Contact Magic Murals! With such high quality images and low prices, you're sure to find something that matches exactly what you're looking for. Give us a call today!