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Treasure Maps

Treasure Map Wall Murals

These treasure map wall murals will bring sheer delight to kids and adults alike, especially if they’re fascinated by pirate ships, hidden treasures and secret islands. These pirate and treasure island themed wallpaper murals are extraordinary pieces of wall decor that lend the walls they are displayed on authentic character and visual interest.

The collection features murals perfect for young, curious minds and as well as more grown-up spaces. These wall murals present the age old adventure themes with an unusual twist. The pirate board game wall mural featuring pirates, smiling sharks, octopuses and treasure chests is a perfect example - this would make a fantastic addition to a child’s room, sparking hours of imaginative play. The wall mural featuring a pirate treasure map in the shape of a skull and cross bones is another exceptional choice featured in this collection. This seemingly hair-raising mural on closer inspection turns out to be a child-friendly, whimsical treasure map after all. The surprise elements in these wallpaper murals makes them great choices for spaces that kids frequent such as waiting rooms outside doctor’s offices and restaurants.

The interesting stories each mural tells are sure to engage kids and serve as ice breakers, drawing even the shiest of kids out of their shells to observe and comment on the murals’ themes. Besides wall murals for kids’ spaces, the collection includes choices such as an artwork of the Santa Margarita sinking with its cargo of New World wealth and a vintage pirate map of the world with the unmistakable ‘X’ mark at its center. It’s not everyday that one would find a wall accented by images of skulls, cannons, birds, sharks, sinking ships and buried treasure. It takes a special kind of space to carry these themes off and if you have a hallway or room that could use this extra dose of character, say ‘Ahoy!’ to this collection of treasure map wall murals.