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Historical Maps

Historical Map Wall Murals

Historical map wall murals lend your walls a generous dose of character, weaving visual stories into your space. If you have a blank canvas of a wall in your home, office or elsewhere and aren’t quite sure what type of wall decor might best suit it, consider a world map rendered in the form of a wallpaper mural. Murals are a great way to accent your space and define its purpose. These murals help to create a focal point and serve as conversation starters, especially when displayed in spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. Office hallways, lobbies, waiting areas, formal dining spaces are some of the indoor spaces that can benefit by the addition of a historical wall map mural.

While there’s no doubt that history and geography buffs will find these murals fascinating, what’s extraordinary is that these map murals have the potential to spark the curiosity and interest of just about any observer of any age. The map murals in this collection exude vintage charm and a rustic quality that makes people stop and take notice instantly. Something about the way the sepia tones and antique touches are used in these historical maps sets them apart from the rest of your wall decor. This collection features an illustrated map commemorating Buffalo Bill’s colorful life, N.C Wyeth’s painting of the Western Hemisphere and other pictorial renditions of the world as it was seen a long time ago. These historical maps of the world have an intriguing quality to them akin to pieces of an ancient puzzle. Children will love trying to visualize the places and people depicted in these maps and compare them to the mental image of the modern world they have.

These murals educate and entertain, spark curiosity and conversation, enrich your walls and play a role in expanding one’s world view. Few wall accents can accomplish what these historical map wall murals can in your space.