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Patios, Terraces & Cafes

Wall Murals of Patios, Terraces and Cafes

Take your walls on a European vacation! These wonderful murals of patios, terraces and cafes create a relaxing, romantic setting in your indoor space with images of bistros, street side cafes, charming arches and porches overlooking the ocean as their central theme. These wallpaper murals represent some of the finest elements of Europe, blending old world charm, ornate architectural details, vintage inspired backdrops and above all, a slower pace of life that allows the time and freedom to enjoy it all.

Bring some of the world’s favorite cities into your own space with these exquisitely rendered murals. If you have a soft corner for vintage style, then this selection has plenty of choices for you. Consider for example the ancient Roman dining scene as witnessed through the archway of a stone window. The wall mural with its vivid details almost transports you to that place and time, serving as a window to a bygone era. In the same way, the many images featuring charming bistros, wrought iron chairs, street side cafes, arched windows and cobblestone streets lend your space that enchanting touch of European character. Other stunning murals in the collection include artwork of Italian porches perched atop the sea, overlooking a vast expanse of sparkling blue waters and alluring wooden stairs leading down to seemingly endless lush green fields. The marked influence of post medieval architecture lends these murals their distinctive quality.

Offices, homes, restaurants, cafes and other indoor spaces may be enriched instantly with these inspiring images of patios and terraces offering unparalleled views. If you long to be surrounded by the elegant vistas and quaint charm of European cities and the old world, you don’t have to look too far to find them. Indulge yourself and feast your senses on these breathtaking wall murals of patios, terraces and cafes.