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Halloween Wall Murals

This collection of Halloween wall murals introduces a new twist to your indoor wall decor. These murals bring the spookiness and fun of the popular holiday into your home, transporting your space to a haunted house and other whimsical, horror landscapes instantly. If you’re looking for an easy, effortless, yet tasteful way to bring some of the Halloween spirit and fun into your space, these wallpaper murals have all the frightening inspiration you need.

The mural collection is peppered with images of bats flying against a full moon, haunted castles, witches, ghosts, scarecrows, Jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween elements. Some of the other visually striking murals featured here include those of a checkerboard pattern with Jack-o-lanterns in each of the squares, silhouettes of owls, collages of cute looking monsters and spider webs of different shapes and sizes. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, the mural featuring kids trick-or-treating outside a spooky house is the perfect way to set the stage. These murals add a splash of color and a touch of whimsy to your space, making them appropriate for family-friendly spaces, be it a restaurant, play area or a room in your home.

The images of skulls and skeletons, abandoned mansions, leafless trees and flying bats silhouetted against a full moon and other elements featured in these murals are sure to succeed in creating the Halloween setting in any indoor space. The ease of installation of these wall murals makes them perfect choices for when you are short of time or decorating ideas. If you can’t muster up the patience and energy to decorate your home for Halloween but hate to disappoint your kids as they watch Halloween decorations go up in their friends’ and neighbors’ houses, why not take the easy and interesting way out and hit a homerun with these Halloween wall murals?