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Unicorn Wall Murals

These unicorn wall murals sprinkle a dash of magic and fantasy into your space. If you’re sprucing up a nursery or your child’s bedroom or looking for refreshing wall decor for a child-frequented space, you are likely to find the perfect images in this collection of fantasy wall murals. Fantasy and tasteful art blend seamlessly in these stunning wallpaper murals, each of them presenting a magnificent unicorn in action against the backdrop of castles, a full moon and gorgeous blue skies.

Children, with their amazing sense of wonder and curiosity, are sure to be delighted with the addition of these images to their space. The murals feature characteristic mythological landscapes with unicorns prancing, leaping and gracefully making their way through magical bridges and green fields. These murals transport your wall to a magical place, serving as windows to a child’s fantasy. If you believe in keeping fairy tales and childhood fantasies alive for as long as possible in young, impressionable minds, then this selection of unicorn themed wall art is a great place to start. These murals, depending on the size and scale of your room and the piece you choose, have the potential to completely transform your space. They can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary place that sparks imagination and inspiration. The unicorns and other enchanting elements in these murals help create a favorite spot for children within your indoor space, be it your home, a class room or child activity center. The vivid colors and images draw children’s attention and help them open up, giving form to their own mythological fantasies.

Part magical, part whimsical, these images are a reflection of tasteful and sensitive artistic expression - pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your walls and an even deeper one on young, imaginative minds. Explore the many ways you can up the magical quotient of your space with these fantasy unicorn wall murals.