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Fairy Wall Murals

A fairy wall mural may be the perfect welcome gift for your newborn baby girl as you bring her home for the first time. When you’re decorating a baby girl’s nursery or sprucing up your little one’s bedroom, there’s no shortage of options, especially if lavender, purple and pink are your colors of choice. However, some images stand out in your mind and linger longer in her memory. This adorable selection of fairy wallpaper murals is among them. Each painting or illustration in this collection is a graceful blend of beauty, elegance and charm, adding that sprinkle of magic and enchantment to your space.

This collection has images sure to delight a young lady and light up her eyes. Your own little fairy will be impressed with several of these visuals, depicting graceful, dainty fairies seated atop flowers or leaves, admiring butterflies and playing musical instruments. Clusters of pink nasturtiums, dogwood blossoms, anemones and cornflowers become backdrops for these beautiful fairy images. The textures in the leaves, flower petals and other elements and the classic use of muted shades lends these murals their exquisite beauty. Certain images exude a particularly endearing quality, such as the one in which a baby fairy, surrounded by dogwood blossoms is seen glancing up at a butterfly, with a priceless expression of wonder on her face. Another striking image is that of a fairy, seated on a mushroom playing with a dragon. A pumpkin fairy and a fairy musician playing her mandolin are some of the other exceptional images included in this wallpaper mural set.

Childhood is all about fairy tales and fantasies - with dragons, princesses and flower gardens at their center. So, whether you’re decorating a room in your home, a hallway in your playschool or a wall in a children’s activity center, why not let little girls’ fairy tale fantasies come true with these vivid fairy wall murals?