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Washington, DC

Wall Murals of Washington, DC

This collection of wall murals features interesting perspectives of the monuments and prominent landmarks of Washington, DC. From the White House to the Capitol Building, you will find photographs capturing these world famous structures from various angles, thus making your job of choosing just one Washington, DC mural a tough one. These murals inject character and visual interest into your space and are perfect choices for an office, classroom and even your home, especially if there is a resident history buff. It’s not everyday that you wake up to a view of the White House or Lincoln Memorial unless you live across the street from them, but with these wall murals, things could be different.

These murals are wonderful ways to intersperse history into your decor. The extraordinary architecture and history behind each monument and structure is sure to inject a certain character into your walls. Whether it’s the prominent and impressive columns of the National Gallery of Art or the many views of the Capitol Building, each mural brings with it a unique visual quality that flows into your space. Particularly striking among these wallpaper murals is one where you will see multiple monuments captured in a single shot. The photograph includes the Iwo Jima monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the US Capitol. Also impressive are the photographs of the World War I Memorial, located on the National Mall in West Potomac Park. The aerial view of Lincoln Memorial is another noteworthy mural in this collection.

Besides photographs of monuments located on the National Mall and an aerial shot of Washington Nationals Stadium Ballpark, the collection also includes a spectacular panoramic shot of of Washington, DC with Georgetown Law School and the US Capitol in the picture. No matter what your preference and taste in photographs of landmark monuments you are sure to find a match for your walls in these wall murals of Washington, DC.