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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Wall Murals

These wall murals of Los Angeles are cityscapes that allow you a glimpse into the impressive skyline and other dazzling views of the city that has come to be known as a trendsetter in numerous respects. In these murals, you can see and experience the energy and spirit of the city that is home to Hollywood celebrities as well as renowned scientific and cultural institutions and that many call the entertainment capital of the world. Angelenos, as LA residents are referred to, may be familiar with the city’s notorious traffic, but in these murals, you will see the dazzling lights and brilliant networks of freeways that have become symbols of this vast, ethnically diverse city. The traffic and commute don’t look so bad when you see them in the context of what this fantastic city has to offer in terms of lifestyle and culture.

This collection of wallpaper murals offers panoramic views of the throbbing city of LA, California with each photograph capturing a distinctive aspect of the city’s character. The setting sun, floating clouds and the twilight sky play an important role in these murals, each providing a stunning backdrop for the city in spotlight. These murals are perfect for office spaces, lobbies, restaurants and hallways where the energy from the city will flow through the walls into the space. The LA skyline is one of the most easily recognized in the world and has come to represent the glamor and glitter associated with the American metropolitan, made popular primarily by Hollywood movies.

Whether you’re a passionate Angeleno yourself or are looking for a memorable gift for someone who loves the city, whether you’re redecorating your office space or simply want to energize your existing decor with glimpses of LA’s skyline, you will find it a challenge to pick a favorite from this astounding collection of Los Angeles wall murals.