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Pirates & Sea Creatures

Pirates and Sea Creatures Wall Murals

Wall murals featuring pirates, skulls, crossbones, treasure maps and fascinating sea creatures may be just what you need to spruce up a little kid’s room and take its adventure quotient up a few notches. Young explorers everywhere are sure to be amazed with the scenes and settings in these murals that feature pirate ships, remote islands, rough waters and more in the form of computer generated graphics, illustrations and artwork. The vivid colors and images in these wallpaper murals introduce an element of adventure and thrill into your space, making them ideal choices for children’s indoor play areas, their bedrooms, waiting rooms and lobbies.

Several of these murals feature a central pirate ship theme. These include an inside view of the captain’s cabin, a pirate’s map with the characteristic ‘X’ mark and dotted lines indicating the sea route and even a whimsical portrait of a silly looking pirate on an island with his parrot, with an erupting volcano in the background. These whimsical murals are sure to be met with an “Aye Aye Captain” when it comes to younger kids. For a particularly extraordinary effect for an extra-adventurous tyke, the pirate wall mural board game ought to do the trick!

Other murals, more appropriate for an older child depict a navigational theme with several kinds of compasses and maps coming together as a collage. Wallpaper murals featuring island shores, leaping dolphins and a pair of humpback whales provide a refreshing change to any space and are great for rooms shared by two or more children of various ages. These wallpaper murals introduce a dash of personality and character into your space, taking it to new depths and dimensions and inspiring your children to think beyond the ordinary. Watch your walls weave an exciting new adventure tale each night with these murals of pirates and sea creatures.