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Cowboys & Western Themes



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66 Murals

Cowboy and Western Wall Murals

Take your walls west with these wall murals featuring cowboys, ranches and other classic western themes. Budding cowboys and cowgirls at home will love the way these murals add color and character to their space. The rich vistas presented in this collection are sure to bring back nostalgic memories for grandparents and other adults and kindle the curiosity of little ones who may have conjured up images of courageous cowboys and their thrilling adventures from books and movies. These western-themed wall murals bring those mental images to life on the walls in children’s spaces and have the potential to turn their rooms back into favorite hangouts.

The collection includes wallpaper murals featuring silhouettes of cowboys riding into sunset, portraits of horses, photos of ranches and whimsical illustrations of farms, barn animals and children having a great time on a beautiful day out in the country. For children who may have little or no exposure to a country or classic western lifestyle, these wallpaper murals are at once intriguing, entertaining and educational. For others, these murals may be a way to connect to their heritage and family history. These murals feature photos, paintings and artwork with diverse subjects ranging from men and boys in cowboy hats and boots and landmark cowboy property such as the Lost Dollar Ranch to Native American women setting up camp and dramatic depictions of railroads stretching all the way to the horizon. The variety of images and drama presented in these murals offers plenty of choices to anyone wanting to recreate a western-inspired theme in their space. These murals are perfect for bringing to life otherwise overlooked corners in a restaurant or waiting area frequented by children. The warm colors, rustic feel and authentic cowboy visuals are sure to elicit the modern day equivalent of “Yeehaw” and “Giddy up!” from children of all ages.

Put this collection on your ‘Wanted’ list if you’re on the lookout for cowboy and western wall murals.