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Aliens & Monsters

Wall Murals of Aliens and Monsters

This whimsical collection of wall murals features scary looking creatures, menacing monsters and fire breathing dragons alongside aliens, extraterrestrial characters and robots - all perfect choices for little ones’ rooms. Whether your tykes are fascinated by fairy tale dragons or interested in intergalactic adventures, these wall murals have plenty of delightful images to capture their imagination and inject their space with personality. The murals are tasteful renditions of many popular children’s themes, bringing together fantasy, sci fi and fairy tale genres in spectacular ways.

While some wallpaper murals in this collection feature abstract depictions of sci fi themes, others are vivid portraits of robots and aliens in action. Friendly fire-breathing dragons and smiling scarecrows coexist with adorable space bunnies and fiery-eyed daemons. The collection features murals appropriate for various ages. The variety ensures that you find something friendly enough for your littlest tot and something thrilling enough for your newly independent tween to display in his room. Be prepared for sleepovers and slumber parties to get way more interesting with the addition of one or more of these wall murals of aliens and monsters. Some of these murals of friendly monsters with warm personalities might even help to alleviate your little one’s fear of that elusive, ever-present monster under the bed!

In the midst of these wall murals of flying dragons and robot colonies, you will also find murals with a charming interactive element. Color-in murals are great ways to let your children unleash their imaginations onto their walls while decorating their room. The collection features a few wallpaper murals in this category that offer hours of fun for any child. Watch your children’s walls and rooms come frightfully and whimsically alive, as you introduce them to these extraordinary wall murals of aliens, dragons and monsters of all shapes and sizes.