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41 Murals

Castle Wall Murals

Bring the architectural grandeur of some of the world’s finest castles into your space with this collection of wall murals. Each wallpaper mural captures the magnificent details and splendor of these landmark structures and transfers their sophistication onto your walls. Your space is thus transported to a picturesque location in faraway Europe, perhaps by a riverside in France or at the foothills of the Italian Alps, where you have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular, uninterrupted, exclusive view of your favorite castle. These murals are tributes to the marvels of architecture and the many minds and hands that made them possible. Each wallpaper mural in this collection is as unique and breathtaking as the castle it depicts and the picturesque setting it sits on. Whether you’re a history buff, an architect, a student of design or connoisseur of beautiful man-made structures, these murals are sure to make a mark. The variety of castles, chateau and fortresses featured here highlight the many kinds of artistic influences and styles of architecture that rose to prominence during various periods. From ornate details to sharp, clean edges, elaborate scrolls and decorative carvings to monolith turrets and archways, you will find every kind of design inspiration among these murals of stately structures.

Prominent murals featured here include one of Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle sitting atop Castle Rock, an ancient Irish castle, a close up view of the elaborate designs on the gates of Catherine Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia and a fine collage of many landmarks from around the world including the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and others.

This is a collection of classy wall decor with a touch of the vintage charm that is suitable for modern, eclectic and traditional settings alike. Fascinating black and white, sepia toned and full color photographs as well as whimsical artwork and paintings- all find a place among these wonderful wall murals of castles.