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Wall Murals of Rural America - Barns and Farms

This series of rural themed wall murals captures the essence of America, its heart and soul - the magnificent rural landscape of the country. Complete with old barn houses, vast fields and ranches, crystal clear ponds and gorgeous mountains in the backdrop, this collection of murals takes your breath away while breathing new life into your space. Each mural is a tribute to America’s countless farms, barns and ranches, representing agriculture and farming that has been the backbone of the country’s economy and one of the reasons for its abundance and prosperity.

These barn wallpaper murals draw attention to some of the most spectacular rural locations around the country and some of its most immaculately maintained barn houses. From rural Montana to Maryland, from Colorado to the cabins of Smoky Mountains, the photographs and artwork manage to capture some of the most inspiring rural scenes in America. Each mural is a fascinating amalgamation of art, nature and history in the making, as it depicts an isolated barn or field somewhere in America, silently playing its role and keeping millions fed. Although rustic agricultural elements constitute the central theme of these wall murals, you will find that each one reflects a unique style of artistic treatment. Whether it is the textured effect in one mural representing a field or the sunlight filtering through leaves in another, adding that early morning glow to the entire scene, it becomes clear that each image was the result of patient pursuit of the perfect moment and keen, artistic observation that led to it. Vibrant fall foliage, lush green hills, wooden cabins, grazing horses, a beautiful blue sky dotted with white clouds are some of the elements that render these wall murals their richness and visual appeal.

These pieces of wall art are perfect for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hallways and other transitional spaces where you want to introduce a touch of rural America blended seamlessly with its abundant natural beauty. Watch the mountains, ponds, ranches, fields and barns of America rejuvenate your space in the form of these rural themed wall murals.