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South Dakota

South Dakota Wall Murals

These South Dakota wall murals exude the unparalleled historic charm and rustic beauty of The Mount Rushmore State. The state’s nickname needs no introduction. South Dakota is home to one of the grandest tributes paid to democracy that stands in the form of mountain carvings of American presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The Shrine to Democracy, considered the world’s greatest mountain carving, took sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s fourteen years to complete. It continues to draw the most visitors and tourists among all South Dakota attractions. The famous carving is featured in this collection of wallpaper murals against different backdrops including a clear, blue sky and a dramatic, golden one. Bring a part of history into your home or office with a mural featuring this world famous memorial.

Other well known natural attractions of the Midwestern state include the Badlands National Park, Sioux waterfalls, Jewel Cave and Wind Cave National Park. You will find several of these state landmarks featured among these murals of South Dakota. Particularly interesting are murals of Badlands National Park featuring aerial views. The park comprises of over 240,000 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires interspersed with the largest, protected mixed grass prairie in the country. Needless to say, it makes for some electrifying images and wall murals that will enrich your space like few other pieces of wall art can.

As you browse through these murals representing what is sometimes referred to as the Land of Great Places and Great Faces, you are sure to come across photographs and visuals perfect for your home, office, waiting room or restaurant. Whether you’re redecorating your interiors, moving to new coordinates or are simply looking for refreshingly rich imagery for your existing walls, you won’t be disappointed with this collection of South Dakota wall murals.