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Wall Murals of Minnesota

The Minnesota wall murals featured in this collection bring you a variety of images and visuals to choose from for your home or office space. From dazzling skylines and grand State Capitols to sculpture gardens and state flags, these murals represent the Land Of 10,000 Lakes and some of its prominent landmarks.

The twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are represented by their State Capitols. While one wallpaper mural captures the ornate interiors of the Minneapolis State Capitol, another presents the magnificent location and exteriors of the St. Paul State Capitol. Several of these Minnesota wall murals capture the spectacular skylines of the twin cities by day and night. One particularly interesting shot of the Minneapolis skyline gives you a view from the city’s sculpture garden. With a fascinating sculpture in the foreground and the famous skyline in the background, the wallpaper mural manages to present a unique piece of visual art for your space. These murals are intriguing enough to spruce up any space at home and neutral enough to be appropriate for corporate settings, lobbies and hallways as well. They offer a refreshing break in a large wall and a faux window to open up a small space.

Besides buildings, skylines and monuments, the collection includes murals that are appropriate from an educational or academic perspective. Murals of stamps, flags and a map of Metropolitan Minneapolis fall in this category. All murals are available in a range of dimensions, so you can choose the ones you like in a size that is suitable to your space. Regardless of which type of mural you choose, you can be sure of its quality and the impact it will make on your space. The question is, how do you choose your favorite from among these Minnesota wall murals?