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Idaho Wall Murals

The Gem State comes alive on your walls with the addition of one or more of these handpicked Idaho wall murals. These murals showcase some of the fascinating aspects of the state from snow-capped mountain ranges to vast lakes and steep canyons. Idaho gets its nickname of The Gem State because of its abundant natural resources and scenic areas. The Idaho mountains are said to contain a rich variety of minerals and metals ranging from gold and silver to lead, zinc, cobalt, copper and other rare minerals. These include gems such as star garnets, considered the state gem, jasper, opal, jade and others.

It’s no surprise therefore that wallpaper murals representing the natural splendor of such a state rejuvenate your space in no time. These murals bring to life thrilling rapids, majestic mountains, gushing waterfalls and other spectacular wonders. You will see snow-capped mountain ranges casting their reflections on the still waters of crystal clear lakes and the ceaseless waters of the Snake River rush through Hells Canyon. Among these extraordinary Idaho wallpaper murals, you will come face to face with the breathtaking Shoshone Falls that plunges down rugged cliffs from a height that is greater than that of the Niagara Falls. While these natural wonders may not have made their way to the list of national landmarks and world wonders, they are no less spectacular as is evident from these wallpaper murals of Idaho. Each of these murals adds visual interest and character to your home or corporate space in its own unique way.

Besides waterfalls, lakes, rivers and mountains, the collection takes you to some of the more recently created man-made landmarks of the state. These include the State Capitol building and the Idaho Falls Temple with the Snake River in the foreground. Stamps, seals and flags featuring a grunge effect that represent the state and its capital city of Boise complete this interesting collection of Idaho wall murals.