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We had a wonderful time celebrating our own "Librarian Appreciation Month" with librarians all over the country and the members of the American Librarian Association Think Tank group on Facebook in May. We absolutely loved seeing all of the pictures of staff, students and other clients collaborating on our Zentangle-like ColorMe! murals. There's a few of those pictures here, but check out our Facebook page for even more.

As part of our celebration, we ran a sweepstakes offering a free map mural of The United States and two free ColorMe! murals. Not surprisingly, the ColorMe! murals were hugely popular. That's very indicative of the expanding role of libraries as "maker spaces" bringing their communities together.

While the event is over, our appreciation of and commitment to serving libraries and librarians is never-ending. If you have any special needs, please email us at service@magicmurals.com or call us at 877-448-7295. We'd love to help.

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