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Steve Hunziker


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Steve Hunziker

About Steve Hunziker

Viewing a Steve Hunziker art print is an adventure. At first we are taken by the overall dramatic layout which is characteristic of his work. From there we are moved through the typically strong lines of composition created masterfully by the use of direction, light, balance and motion. We then discover a flurry of unexpected details lurking in the shadows or hiding in the highlights. Finally as we are compelled to move in for the closeup we find ourselves amazed at the clarity, texture, variety of detail and color nuance. And we're left with but one question, "how did he do this?"

"I get a kick out of watching people as they examine one of my prints. Invariably they become perplexed, and ask 'is this a photograph or a painting?' Some day I'm going to say: 'What would you like it to be?' But I always just grovel as I try to give an adequate explanation. The truth is, my designs are neither paintings nor photographs in the traditional sense, while on the other hand they are indeed both – It's a long story."

Steve's unique style is a culmination of a lifelong creative and spiritual quest. As a youth, if Steve wasn't looking at or drawing some adventurous picture, he was most likely out wandering the wooded hills of Deer Creek, Illinois, hunting, fishing or just exploring.

After a four year tour in the Navy, Steve landed his first job as a bona fide artist, working for a local printing company, during which time he began to take classes in art, sculpture and creative writing. But over the next five years he began to sense an even "higher calling," and eventually he surrendered to serve the Lord in ministry. So he and his wife Patty, and their two young daughters moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he studied both art and Bible at Tennessee Temple University. Here, along with his theological studies, the young artist/preacher developed a broad base of creative skills including basic design, painting, illustration, charcoal, ceramics, pottery, and sculpture.

For the next 35 years the Hunziker family made Chattanooga their home. Patty worked as a nurse, the girls married and began their own families, while Steve was busy working as a graphic artist and photographer, taking part time Seminary classes, and pastoring a small local church. All seemed to be going according to God's plan, but then as they say, "The Lord sure do move in mysterious ways."

While wandering through the woods of Wildwood, Georgia one day, Steve was bitten by a deer tick and contracted lyme disease which unfortunately was not to be diagnosed or treated for another long seven years. During which time he had to drop out of the ministry all together and begin to travel with Patty as she worked as a traveling nurse.

As it turns out, the whole thing was a blessing in disguise. Once again Steve found himself happily wandering through the countryside. Only this adventure was not limited to the hillsides of Deer Creek, Illinois. As health improved he was able to explore and take amazing photographs of a vast variety of vistas, landscapes, and American wonderments, "from sea to shining sea."

"Like the Apostle Paul once said, 'when I am weak, then am I strong.' Today the Lord is using my talent, my training, my technique, and my own unique style to showcase His eternal power and beauty. God be praised, and God Bless."

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