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Mikki Senkarik

About Mikki Senkarik

Mikki Senkarik

Mikki Senkarik dreamed of being an artist as long as she can remember. An art student like Mikki Senkarik would have been a dream for Leonardo Da Vinci. His students were not allowed to use color until they mastered the skill of drawing. With the advent of projection devices artists’ ability to draw diminished. This is not the case with Senkarik; she learned the craft of draftsmanship in the most demanding of all disciplines, Medical Art. After her BFA from the University of South Florida she graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

In 1989 a master artist befriended Senkarik, they became friends, developing an unbreakable bond. Senkarik found her muse and soul mate. They became inseparable. With their union secure her new mate asked if he could teach her to paint. A resounding “YES” began a new journey. He sold her first original oil for $200 and has continued as her number one fan, marketer and mentor. Senkarik incorporates her mate’s double primary color mixing system of yellow, red and blue plus white, giving her original oils vibrancy and purity not achievable with earth pigments.

Senkarik’s rocket to the top can be attributed to her dedication for excellence and impassioned desire to be the best she can be. She constantly strives to improve and grow. She says, “There is nothing accidental about quality. It’s hard work.”

To follow what Senkarik is painting from day to day please feel free to visit her blog: www.MikkiSenkarik.wordpress.com

Too young to be called a master painter, but too skilled not to be considered. One day history will anoint Senkarik with the mantel of greatness. To own a Senkarik is a generational investment for hundreds of years to come.